Join and be part of a cheaper, fairer online booking revolution.

Have you ever noticed when comparing online accommodation providers, prices are all the same, or very close?

Online agents like and

  1. Force accommodation providers to set the same prices as on their websites.
  2. Charge accommodation providers extremely high commissions (up to 30%).

A typical $1000 booking often ends up costing $1300, paid for by the consumer.

Higher commissions = higher prices for you.

When online agents first took to the internet, the commissions were much lower. However, over time these have drastically increased, causing accommodation providers to be caught in a never-ending spiral of higher commissions. The big travel companies are the only winners, raking in the profits at everyone's expense.

Enter Hotel Bonanza!

We're a new online travel agency that does not charge any commission to accommodation providers, and in return we ask them to offer genuine discounts to our members, as well as little extras like free drinks, money off in the restaurant, complimentary spa treatments…

How does Hotel Bonanza work?

The only cost is a small yearly membership of $15 to access the service, which is tiny compared to the saving that can be made by just one typical accommodation booking ($300).

Our mission is to create a cheaper, fairer deal for everybody:

  • Accommodation owners will have more money to spend on their guests.
  • Our members will always get cheaper prices, without commissions.

A few examples of amazing discounts with Hotel Bonanza:

The Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok The Jet Luxury Las Vegas The Rizin Hotel & Residences Pattaya

50% OFF

40% OFF

40% OFF

For a limited period, we are keeping our subscription price low at $15 (reduced from $30) for first adopters to enjoy the service, so sign up today and save with Hotel Bonanza.


Join Hotel Bonanza and be part of a cheaper, fairer online booking revolution.