The previous posts have focused on how the OTAs are giving neither consumers nor accommodation providers a good deal. There's plenty more to write on that topic, but with Hotel Bonanza's soft launch just a few weeks away, it's the perfect time to focus on what makes us different.

What Hotel Bonanza will do for its accommodation providers

We will charge just 8% commission. High commissions are crippling properties and it's high time that changed. Customers are not going to stop using OTAs - the global OTA market share is increasing at about 8% every year - but until there is some real competition to Priceline Group and Expedia, commissions will simply continue to go up because there is nothing - and nobody - to stop that happening. The reality is that OTAs are here to stay, but that doesn't mean that they can't offer a channel to market at a fair price.

For any accommodation providers reading this, we don't want to take away your direct business. We want to encourage customers who are going to use OTAs anyway to use Hotel Bonanza so that you don't pay as much money. Just think, you could offer our members little extras like room upgrades, early check-ins, late check-outs ... and still make so much more money than you would if the booking had come from an OTA that charges 15%+.

We won't charge properties more money to be 'featured' either. Our default search listings will be based on what the customer is actually searching for, not how much the property is paying.

There will also be no rate parity requests. We think properties should be allowed to sell for what they like, and certainly shouldn't be tied to unfair clauses that state they can't sell cheaper on their own website.

For you accommodation providers out there, why don't you help us fight your corner and join Hotel Bonanza? There's nothing to lose as it doesn't cost you a penny. We want everyone on board whether you have one room or one thousand properties.

What Hotel Bonanza will do for its customers

It won't be much of a website if nobody books rooms through it, which is why we offer a membership giving a discount on every booking. We know that rate parity still exists, even though we don't ask for it ourselves, and our members will need to be signed in to receive the discount.

Still, we pay for the discount, not the properties, which means that we can offer the discount on every property, not just a select few. That means our customers will get a genuine discount on everything, all part of our drive to bring down prices for our customers without asking the properties to foot the bill.

Hotel Bonanza will not offer meaningless discounts of 50%/60%/70%, we will be honest and transparent with our customers while offering genuine value. We will also make it very clear why we are different from the other online booking websites.

We want to offer customers and accommodation providers a cheaper, fairer and more transparent way to book and sell accommodation online. Join us and make that happen.